Corey’s Thoughts on Youtube Ads…

“What are your thoughts on Youtube ads, particularly 6s bumper ads and 15s in-stream non-skippable?”

One of our clients asked me this question and it touched on a pet topic of mine. So forgive me if I somewhat dive down a rabbit hole.

The short answer is, done well, I think they are essential. Done any other way, they are a waste of time. Before you think that was a non-answer disguised as wisdom, allow me to elaborate.

This question to me is where most initiatives fail before they begin.

To me, the question you asked comes down to understanding the distinction between a strategy and a tactic.

Consider this quote I love:

So when someone asks me what I think of any given ad platform, my answer is the same.

Meaning that regardless of the platform whether it’s YT ads, FB ads, retargeting ads, banner ads; all of them are a Tactic by themselves.

To me, where retargeting and YT ads win or fail has to do with the strategy. What’s the creative? What’s the intended audience? How are you speaking to them? What are you asking them to do?

Combined with the right strategy I think they are fantastic. Without the strategy, they will be viewed as a failure because either they won’t produce ROI or you won’t be able to tell if they did. In either case, Executives will view them as failed.

I have opinions on this of course and if you are interested in discussing what’s the right fit for you, I would be happy to discuss them further with you in the context of what I believe your business should do specifically.

What do you guys think?