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Most SEO agencies don’t keep their eye on the ball.



Can you tell us how effective your SEO and online visibility campaigns are?

Do you know what you are paying for?

Can you measure the ROI of your SEO and online ad spend?

Can you quantify your results?

We bet you can’t answer these. Most of the businesses and firms we speak to can’t. Worse, their marketing agencies can’t even answer these for them. Most of them don’t even understand the KPI’s that are supposed to validate what they supposedly do.

Of the thousands of internet marketing agencies and consultants in the world, there are an elite few who can assure success let alone properly measure or define it. As you can tell, we have a very low opinion of the majority in our business.

When we approach campaigns, we play to win. We’re not saying that we hit a homerun every single time. But we do win more consistently than any other agency you’ll likely talk to. We know what it takes in your market and we know how to measure the KPI’s so that you are certain we have gotten you results that lead to new business.




How We Win For You

We approach campaigns holistically. Rankings aren’t the only goal. Actually, traffic and leads are more important. You cannot and should not rely on SEO as your only channel for traffic and leads. We make sure your website is active and phone is ringing regardless of your rankings situation. Of course, we will rank you too. 


Result Driven, Dominantly Aggressive, KPI Oriented:

We are among the elite few SEO agencies in the world who can establish a definition of success and then back up our work with a real guarantee. We don’t cost our clients money, we make them money.  We don’t undertake campaigns unless we can ensure your success within your budget. Full-service clients get a custom built dashboard that lets them see in near real time traffic and conversions. We call ourselves dominantly aggressive because we have experience seeing how big SEO and digital marketing agencies work. They are typically indifferent and measure success by whether or not their weak deliverables get done. They are not passionate about beating the competition and don’t bend over backward to push rankings. Worse, we have found most of them to be ignorant and incapable of providing the extra edge needed in the hard competition markets we win in like big city personal injury.

SEO With Secret Steroids No One Else Has

We’ve competed and won in difficult local and national markets. Our most common campaigns, in personal injury, have upwards of $200 cost per click levels of competition in Adwords. When you see costs per click that high, you can be absolutely sure that gaining top organic rankings will be especially difficult. Our link methods, content and onsite methods are typically enough. But we don’t stop there. We add our proprietary traffic signal tactics to give insights as well as major boosts to rankings. We guarantee that we are the only agency that knows how to do this correctly and our results speak for themselves.

Clixsy “Smart Ads”

The End of Spray and Pray Online Advertising



Imagine if you could take market share from all of your competitors even if you don’t yet rank in Google as well as they do. What if you could be assured that your internet marketing agency could get you the same results as if you were the TOP firm in your market NOW while they work on growing your organic traffic without the insane cost of Adwords?



“Think of what we just did. We’ve effectively retargeted your competitor’s visitors. It’s literally like stealing market share from your competitors.  Powerful stuff.”



A method of using data mining and internet user profiling to target specific individuals with ads instead of guessing at audiences. Our “Smart Ads” tactics simply pick up where everyone else leaves off. Most marketers can only guess at general demographics and broad online behavior when they decide who to spend their money advertising to. We call this spray and pray because there is no precision in who actually sees the ads. Even agencies that are really good at Facebook targeting can’t get the results we can. The reason? No advertising platform, not even Facebook, offers the ability to specifically target select individuals based such granular behaviors as we can when we use our tactics. Thus, advertisers have to make up for lack of precision with massive volume. Given an unlimited budget, this can work. But we’ve never worked with clients who had unlimited budgets.


No agency can make you visible in front of every prospect in your market no matter how good they are at display ads or Facebook. We on the other hand, can get in front of people who have shown an interest in your service in ways no existing ad platform can provide. For example, John does a search for a personal injury lawyer. He takes a look at one or two results on Google. If you don’t currently rank well in Google then those results are probably your competitors. Our system noticed John and added him to a database of prospects which become part of a fresh real audience that we then target on ad platforms. Quickly, John starts seeing compelling advertisements on Facebook and many other sites that he visits prompting him to call your firm or visit your site. Your ad becomes so ubiquitous that your brand has taken over in his mind and pushed out the competitors. Think of what we just did. We’ve effectively retargeted your competitor’s visitors. It’s literally like stealing market share from your competitors.  Powerful stuff.

The difference doesn’t end there. Many businesses we’ve worked with in the past complain that they can’t attribute conversions or signups to their online ad campaigns. This is very frustrating. How do you know how effective your ad spend was? And no, asking clients ‘how they found you’ is NOT proper attribution and is not accurate. But with our targeting methods, we can provide actual individual names of the people we advertised to! We can cross-reference those names with the leads that contacted you and get REAL conversion numbers.

Crush Competition With a Combined Battle Plan

Rank Driving SEO + The Best PPC Available + Smart Ads = Major Market Share


Most other agencies are powerless to defend against what we bring to a market’s battlefield. In some markets, our combined tactics are like boulders to eggshells. 

Rank Driving SEO: While most SEO agencies are rehashing outdated 2012 tactics that hurt sites with over optimization or preaching impotent ideas like, ‘you need to blog more’, Clixsy focuses on rank-pushing activities. The results speak for themselves quickly. We show notable improvements in 90 days or less. Within 6 months, most clients are enjoying top percentile of market share.

We don’t bill for busy work. We bill for results because we don’t have to guess at what really works. We know what role content plays and how to use it while others blindly copy what everyone else puts on their websites. We know how to push the envelope without being penalized by Google while others are either careless or baselessly over cautious. We have worked with other SEO agencies on joint projects with clients and have never been impressed. They are by and large indifferent to truely winning as long as they can report on something. The don’t come to projects with a fighting mindset. They passively provide weak fulfillables such as powerless links and pointless blogs.

Not only does Clixsy bring power and purpose to our core ranking activities, but we bring a competitive edge with proprietary tactics. No other agency (unless they partner with us) has the same ability to influence search results. We pioneered the ability to influence Google’s “RankBrain” system which now makes up about 1/3 of ranking factors.

The Best PPC Available: Most PPC / Adwords experts that we’ve worked with have impressive knowledge. But few put it full to use. You would be surprised at how lazy PPC providers typically are. Since they are paid a percentage of ad spend, they aren’t always fully driven to find every opportunity to drive your ad costs down. As long as you don’t object, they are often willing to set it and forget it. However, that mentality doesn’t work for us because we are working on your campaign holistically. Meaning, SEO, PPC and display / social so that the total campaign needs to show wins. Winning in PPC means a cost per case average lower than you could get with other providers. That’s what Clixsy can do. Not just beat your competition, but beat the cost of other providers in our business while doing a better job.

Smart Ads: Organic search marketing is a long term strategy with almost unlimited ROI once rankings are achieved. However, we don’t make you wait for rankings to get your phone ringing. Our “smart ads” tactics get you in front of people that have seen your competitors. These smart ad campaigns also work synergistically with PPC to drive the cost per lead and cost per case  Imagine being able to retarget your competition’s visitors and literally “stealing” their leads. Not only that, but unlike typical agency’s paid campaigns, our smart ads can be tracked down to the actual individual person’s name so that you can see person by person conversions. Think about that. Total transparency. If the visibility we provide is working, you’ll know. If it isn’t working, you’ll know.

Combine all these things and you have an online marketing campaign that predictably takes market share from the competition and makes your phone ring.

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