Get In Front Of People Who Are Ready To Buy

Smarter approach to retargeting potential buyers who leave your site

Strategically Stay Top Of Mind With Prospective Customers

You’re not capturing every person who comes to your site; they’re gone and you lost them. Here’s how you can continue to influence them after they leave.

Every website that sells a service or product has the same basic goal. Turn a visitor into a lead. That’s why on good websites you see phone numbers, web chat, web forms, great copywriting, visuals, case studies and hundreds of other efforts to attract and entice every visitor to make contact and take the next step towards buying.

Yet, each day visitors come and leave your website without ever taking any action at all. They look, they leave, and you never have any way of helping them see the value you offer. That all changes today. Clixsy’s Smarter Ads™ are like having your own X-Ray on your website where you get hand delivered every single day the name, email, mailing address and sometimes even phone numbers of the people that visit your website.

How do you ask? Think about how Fingerprint ID systems work. It’s a lot like that. See, when you visit websites nearly all of us (who don’t wear tinfoil hats) leave a sort of digital fingerprint that’s unique to us. It’s called encryption, and without getting super fancy and technical your email address always encrypts to the same ID when it’s run through the most common encryption protocol.

So just like a fingerprint database, once you’re in the list and you show up on a website with our code – BOOM! We know it, and we can start marketing to you specifically. Through email, through social media, even…through direct mail!

Clixsy’s online advertising campaigns take PPC / Adwords to a new level. Our proven, proprietary Smarter Ads technology puts you in front of *THE* actual people that are ready to buy what you sell.

No agency can make you visible in front of every prospect in your market no matter how good they are at display ads or Facebook. We, on the other hand, can put you in front of actual people who have shown a real interest in your service in ways that no existing ad platform does. Even agencies that are really good at targeting cannot get the results we can. The reason? No advertising platform, not even Facebook, offers the ability to specifically target individuals based on such granular behaviors as Clixsy.

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Drive Down Your Cost
Per Lead

We don’t have a “set it and forget it” mindset or take a “spray and pray” approach when it comes to PPC / Adwords. We are fully driven to find every opportunity to drive your ad costs down. Winning in PPC means a cost per lead average lower than you could get anywhere else. That’s what Clixsy can do for you. Not just beat your competition but beat the cost of other providers while doing a better job.

Instead of guessing at audiences, we can target specific individuals with ads using our proprietary Smarter Ads technology. In contrast, most marketers can only guess at general demographics and broad online behavior when they decide who to spend their money advertising to. As a consequence, they have only a vague idea of who will actually see the ads, so they have to make up for the lack of precision with massive volume. Given an unlimited budget, this can work. But we’ve never worked with clients who had unlimited budgets or who wanted to spend their advertising money so haphazardly.

Know Your ROI With Our Advanced Lead Acquisition Reporting

Unlike typical agencies’ paid ad campaigns, Clixsy Smarter Ads ™ provide total transparency. They can be tracked down to the individual person, so our clients can attribute actual conversions or signups to their online ad campaign and know for certain how effective their ad spend was. With our advanced targeting methods, we can provide you with the actual names of the exact individuals we advertised to, which can then be cross-referenced with the leads that contacted you in order to provide you with REAL conversion numbers.

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“Steal” Leads from Your Competition

As an added competitive edge, our proven Smarter Ads get you in front of people that have seen your competitors. Imagine being able to retarget your competition’s site visitors and secure the lead before they do.

For example, John does a search for the type of service/product you offer. He takes a look at one or two results on Google. (If you don’t currently rank well in Google, then those results are probably your competitors.) But our Smarter Ads system notices John and adds him to a fresh real audience of prospects that we then target on ad platforms. Quickly John starts seeing compelling advertisements on Facebook and many other sites that he visits prompting him to call YOUR company or visit YOUR website. Your ads become so ubiquitous that your brand has taken over in his mind and pushed out the competitors. Think of what we just did: You literally got business that would have been your competitors’.