Did you know Google Is Giving Away Your Leads To Competitors?

They also have gradually ruined the best way to play defense. But I’ve figured out a loophole. Read on, friend. I LOVE when you are working to solve one problem and by a happy little accident you end up solving an entirely different problem. It’s like when Will became my business partner, and now for […]

BERT & His MUM Walk Into A Bar…

In trying to think of a way to bring up a topic that will very soon be lighting up the internet I thought I’d go with a joke format to get ya to open up the email; however, since jokes about SEO aren’t actually funny, I’ll give you a quick trip down memory lane! Growing […]

Corey’s Thoughts on Youtube Ads…

“What are your thoughts on Youtube ads, particularly 6s bumper ads and 15s in-stream non-skippable?” One of our clients asked me this question and it touched on a pet topic of mine. So forgive me if I somewhat dive down a rabbit hole. The short answer is, done well, I think they are essential. Done […]

1+1=..3? Will SEO & PPC Merge

Hey there, this week is gonna be fast. It’s a topic I’ve been pondering for a while now. Where is SEO and PPC headed and could 1+1=3? That’s a question posed frequently by people who do both SEO and PPC wondering if the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Ok for the […]

MUM: A Game-Changing Update

Hey, it’s Corey again with some weekly insights about Digital Marketing. A few weeks ago I mentioned a Google Update that’s heading right for all of us in 2022. I want to give you some of my own insights as well as additional reading I think is worth your time. This update is being called […]